MTAC 1-4x24mm

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Counting reticle choices, tactical kits and camo patterns, there are now 8 different MTAC 1-4x24 scopes available to choose from.

All are illuminated.  Available kits include the scope, a Fastfire 3, and a PEPR mount, making for an immediate and full on tactical optics system.

Available with the Ballistic CQ reticle or Ballistic AR reticle. 

The following are the available options:

  • Item no. 200426 Scope Only - Black - Ballistic AR - Black Friday Special
  • Item no. 200426-FF Tactical Kit - Black - Ballistic AR 
  • Item no. 200437 Scope Only - Black - Ballistic CQ™ 
  • Item no. 200437-FF Tactical Kit - Black - Ballistic CQ™ 
  • Item no. 200457 Scope Only - Black - Ballistic AR 
  • Item no. 200465 Tactical Kit - Camo - Ballistic AR
  • Item no. 200466 Scope Only - Sandstorm - Ballistic AR

While it was designed for 3-gun and Close-Quarter engagements, the MTAC 1-4x has also developed a following for short range hunting, big-game stalking and dangerous game.