The Burris Store

Orders to US addresses only.

This online store can only ship to addresses in the fifty U.S. States. This is due to restrictions on firearm parts, shipping costs, and to distributor arrangements made with other companies.

Burris products are sold in many countries. Visit our main website to find the official Burris distributor in your country. 

Since the 1970's Burris has sold high quality optics through a national - and now worldwide- network of resellers. Burris products are available at thousands of sporting good shops, internet optics sites, gun shops and more. 

This site is the official Burris store, run directly by Burris out of our Greeley Colorado headquarters. We offer hats and shirts, plus a few scopes and optics from our catalog. We've got a few great deals, but make sure you've got a favorite Burris reseller in order to find all of our products!


Burris Company,
331 E. 8th Street,
Greeley, Colorado 80631