#200116-R Burris Eliminator III 4-16x50 (Factory Refurb)

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The Burris Eliminator 

"The Burris Eliminator III Works Exactly As Advertised" - American Hunter Magazine. 

Model #200116-R
**This is a factory refurb product.** 

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***All models now accommodate for Muzzleloader, Rimfire and Slugs

4-16x50 Eliminator III
The most popular model of Eliminator III LaserScope.

The Eliminator III LaserScope is the most innovative and effective hunting riflescope in the world. Combining outstanding optics, pinpoint laser rangefinding, and precision trajectory compensation for the exact ammunition you choose for your hunt, it eliminates most of the variables and guesswork that often cause hunters to go home empty-handed.

Built-In Laser Rangefinder

Laser range capability out to 1,200-plus yards with reflective target, 750-plus yards with non-reflective target.

Automatic Trajectory Compensation
Push the button and a bright-red, illuminated dot signifies your new aiming point.

Easy Programming
The Eliminator III comes with a programming book, and there is a website app to help get the precise programming numbers you need based on your elevation, atmospheric condition and cartridge of choice.


Built-in laser rangefinder
Push the button to instantly calculate the distance to the target. Range out to 1200 yards with a reflective target, or out to 750-plus yards with non reflective targets

Built-in inclinometer
Shooting up, or down, steep hills can seriously throw off your aim point. The Eliminator accounts for that.
Eliminate Guesswork
How far do you hold over at each distance to ensure a good shot? The Eliminator calculates the perfect holdover at your exact distance for your exact cartridge.

Wind Information
Adjusting your shot for wind can be the biggest challenge of all. The Eliminator doesn't measure the wind, but it knows exactly what your bullet will do at the range you're shooting. Use that information to get a more accurate wind hold off.

Model: #200116-R Laser Range Finding Riflescope (factory refurb)
Magnification: 4 to 16x
Focal Plane: Rear
Length: 15.5 inches
Weight: 30.4 ounces
Illumination: 5 brightness settings
Battery: CR123A (included)
Parallax focus: adjustable, 50 yards to infinity
Click value: 1/8 MOA
Windage adjustment: 40 MOA
Elevation adjustment: 40 MOA
Field of view: 26-7 feet at 100 yards
Eye relief: 3.5-4 inches